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Whether you need a partner to create a drip campaign or a full
website for customers to purchase TDN eCom is Magento and 
Shopify Certified partners ready to help you showcase your brand effectively and creatively. 

Currently assisting: 
Cafe - Apparel - Promotional - Couture Collections - Footwear

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Since 2010 we have been custom designing code to make your brand reflect Big Cart Business. #FromConceptionToCart. 

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We're that friend that always says "Let me See" versus no. If you have an idea in mind we will open our bag of tips and tricks to meet you need or refer you to someone who can.  As your partner, we may not be able to solve everything but our goal is to get you to where you want to be in eCommerce. 
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About TDN eCom

TDN eCommerce is the building force behind numerous retail online and offline brands.  our team looks for emerging brands that are increasing inventory or specialize in drop-shipping. TDN eCommerce has acquired control of over 10 independent brands, the oldest being Mide' Apparel established in 2005. Currently headquartered in Illinois.

We analyze your brands true marketing potential by starting with the big picture of where you'd like to see your brand go over the next 12 months. The evaluation means creating a strong, and distinctive preference, offering added-value over the long run. Content is based on your current positioning and expanding its reach, product by product on SEO retail platforms.

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